by Duane Blanton on September 18, 2015

Three Common Home Disasters to Look Out for This Fall

For many, fall means pumpkin patches, corn mazes and apple picking. It’s a fun and festive time of the year. Yet, the fall months and cool temperatures can also lead to plumbing problems.

If you don’t address the issues right away, you could incur expensive repairs at the holidays. There are some common plumbing problems that people tend to experience during the fall.

Round Lake Fall Home MaintenanceFrozen and Burst Pipes

As temperatures begin to drop in the fall, pipes can freeze. Although this is a common problem in the winter, your pipes can freeze anytime the temperature drops below freezing.

When water freezes, it expands, which causes pipes to burst. If you live in a cold climate, consider having a plumber install specific products to insulate water pipes, such as a pipe sleeve.

Plumbers can also install UL-listed heat tape or heat cable on your exposed water pipes. If your pipes burst, the consequences can be catastrophic. The water damage can lead to thousands in repair costs.

Water Heater Failure

The incoming water temperature becomes colder as the ground temperature changes. Cold water entering your hot water heater can result in a temperature drop of about 25 degrees.

The water heater has to work much harder to heat cold water than it does lukewarm water. As you use the hot water heated by the tank, cold water enters. The hot and cold water mix, which results in a constant need to heat.

With your system now working double-time, the chances of failure increase. If any of the pipes entering your hot water heater are exposed, have them insulated to prevent freezing.

Drain Blockage

If you notice your sink seems to be backing up, leaves in your yard could be the culprit. Leaves in the autumn months, especially if they tend to collect in one spot, can easily enter and clog your drainage system. The wind, rain and even traffic can push leaves into piles. A blockage in your drainage system causes the sink plumbing to clog.

You may need to have a plumber replace your drain cover to prevent the problem from reoccurring. Certain covers are manufactured to fit specific drains, therefore it is necessary to have it measured and properly fitted.

Remember to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (847) 855-0000 to get your Round Lake home inspected. 

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