by Duane Blanton on March 20, 2015

Benefits of Plumbing Inspections


Round Lake PlumberPreparing your home for a move-in is more complicated than you may think. Every part of the home must meet strict guidelines for the city or county you live in, and you cannot afford to move into a house that is defective in some way.

The plumbing in the house is capable of causing the most damage, and you should have it inspected. Carefully read what is written below to gain an idea of what you need to do.

#1: New Home Inspections

You need to get your plumbing inspected before you move into a new house. This is often done on a cursory level during a standard home inspection. The home inspector checks certain parts of the house, but they do not check anything completely.

Only a plumber is capable of doing a full inspection, and you must invest in this inspection before you purchase the house. The plumber can inform you of small changes that need to be made, or they can give you a punch list of things that can be completed after you move into the home.

#2: Preparing The Plumbing In A New House

Preparing the plumbing in a new house is all down to what your plumber tells you to do. A plumber may advise you to have the plumbing system flushed by a company that uses a hydrojet machine.

The plumber may recommend that you change some fixtures, or they may want you to add insulation to pipes that might freeze in the winter. It is also possible that certain drains or pipes need to be replaced before you get down to the business of a daily routine. Leaks can happen quickly, and you want to avoid them before you move in.

#3: Being ReadyRound Lake Plumbing Inspection

Getting your new home inspected and making small changes will help you get your home ready to live in. You can easily get your home ready if you follow your plumber’s advice. Pay them for an inspection, take their punch list at the end of the inspection and get to work making your home ready for your family.


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