Backflow Testing & Certification in Round Lake

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Backflow Testing Certification Services in Round Lake, IL

Backflow prevention testing is crucial for properties that use any type of irrigation or sprinkler system, as well as homes that have a boiler or pool. Commercial properties, in particular, are required by law to have a backflow prevention device installed. These devices play an important role in keeping your water supply from flowing in the wrong direction. Backflow prevention devices also help keep harmful chemicals from entering your water supply, as well as that of the greater community. It’s extremely important to follow backflow prevention regulation to preserve the safety of our local water supply.

How Does Backflow Happen?

Water pressure must be maintained to allow consistent flow to faucets, showerheads, and other sources. Backflow occurs when there is an interruption, or a reduction, in your water pressure. This change in pressure can cause a reversal of flow in your water supply. As a result, your water can then carry in and spread harmful toxins or chemicals to the community’s water supply.

Backflow devices prevent this change in water flow and keep your water safe for drinking and cleaning.

Testing Your Backflow Prevention Device

Your backflow prevention devices should be tested at the time of installation, and at least once per year afterward to ensure that they are working according to code. Backflow devices will also need to be replaced every five years to keep them up to date and working at top efficiency.

Annual backflow testing is simple and straightforward. Every device features test ports that allow our technicians to connect the device to a test kit. All of the water that is downstream of the backflow device must be turned off prior to testing to ensure an accurate evaluation.

Remember, it’s important to have backflow testing performed once a year to comply with state regulations. Irrigation systems, in particular, can cause harmful contaminants to leak into your water supply without proper backflow testing.

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