Clogged Toilet Repairs in Round Lake

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Have you been caught off guard by a clogged toilet? Or maybe you’ve been experiencing this problem so frequently that you’re dreading your trips to the bathroom. You don’t have to solve clogged toilet problems on your own. Our technicians have the tools required to get your toilets running like new again. We conveniently serve residents throughout Round Lake, IL and surrounding areas—take a look at what your neighbors are saying!

Forget the store-bought drain cleaners or that plunger. Clogs deep within your system will not respond to these simple methods. At best, they are short-term fixes. To effectively remove clogs from your drain system, you will need to break them up with drain or sewer rods. This is a routine service that we regularly provide for many of our customers.

What Causes Toilet Clogs?

The most common reasons for toilet clogs are linked to improper disposals. Your plumbing system is designed to handle the flushing of natural waste and toilet paper; it cannot withstand the disposal of other types of foreign objects. If these other items are accidentally flushed down, your pipes may leak, crack, or experience premature deterioration.

How Do You Know Where the Clog Is?

Plumbing advancements have made it possible to locate clogs without having to engage in excavating procedures. You can pinpoint the exact location of clogging using a video pipe inspection. If the problem lies in your sewer line, we provide sewer televising services as well. This technology allows us to see the interior of your pipes in real time; as a result, we are able to make the most accurate and proper repairs. There is no guesswork involved.

How Do You Remove the Clog?

Toilet drains can become sluggish, often due to the amount of toilet paper being flushed. To resolve the problem, we will either use a drain rod or a mechanical cable. The drain rod will push through any blockages in your pipes; the mechanical cable features blades that slice through thick debris buildup, restoring your pipes to its normal function.

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