by Duane Blanton on December 11, 2015

3 Toilet Maintenance Challenges

The Water Supply

A Round Lake toilet can’t be used all the time without having any maintenance done to it. Maintenance can range from cleaning it all the way up to fixing certain parts to keep it running properly. One thing in particular that is needed to run a toilet is the water supply. If the toilet is connected properly, then the water should replenish itself once the toilet is flushed, and water should always be in the toilet bowl as well as in the tank.

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If you notice that the water supply isn’t refilling itself once the toilet is flushed, then there can be a few main reasons for this. It’s possible that the water supply to the home has been turned off, and if so, check to make sure no work is being done on your water supply. If your water is working properly throughout the home, then it’s possible that something is wrong with the water being supplied to the toilet.

There could be several reasons why the water is not being replenished in the toilet, and the reasons could be because of the flapper, the toilet itself, or other issues, so get a plumber out as quickly as possible to take a look at the toilet.

A Rocking Toilet

A toilet should never rock at all because it’s supposed to stay securely in place. If you notice that your toilet is moving around a lot, then you have a problem. Your toilet is rocking because there are bolts that are loose or worn-out or the wax ring underneath the toilet has started to go bad. The moment you notice that the toilet is rocking, then you need to get a plumber to come take a look at it to fix the toilet and secure it in place again. If possible, avoid using the toilet until it’s secured again.

The Toilet Handle

The toilet handle is fairly simple to use, but it’s possible that the lever inside the tank has worn out or even broken, which then won’t be able to pull up the flapper to allow the toilet to be flushed. You should always maintain the handle, and if the lever inside the tank that is attached to the handle works properly but the handle is not allowing the toilet to flush, then the handle may be too worn and needs a replacement.

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