Ejector Pump Installation & Repair in Round Lake

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Ejector pumps keep water and sewage moving away from our homes and into the municipal sewage system. They are often installed underneath the main sewer pipe. To make sure wastewater is flowing to the proper location, we help residents throughout Round Lake with professional ejector pump installations and repairs. See what your neighbors are saying!

Normal home sewer systems operate on ‘gravity flow.’ This means that the sewer pipe extending from your home needs to be at an elevated level compared to where it enters the municipal sewer system. There are building codes regulating these matters, which state that the level of elevation should be 1/8″ or 1/4″ per each foot of pipe laid in between the exit point in your home to the entrance point in the public sewer system.

Deviating from these regulations can cause sewage backup if you don’t have an ejector pump installed.

Types of Ejector Pumps

There are several types of ejector pumps:

Grinder pumps are aptly named because they can grind up just about anything down to liquid form, and then pump the material out to the holding tank. Think of them as underground garbage disposals. Grinder ejector pumps are a greater investment than standard pumps, but we recommend them for their reliability and high-performing efficiency.

A standard pump does not come with grinding features. This means that almost anything that goes into the system has the potential to create a clog. While a standard ejector pump is more budget-friendly, it also requires more maintenance and is less effective in the long run.

What about sump pumps? Are they the same as ejector pumps?

A sump pump is different from a sewer ejector pump. Sump pumps only drain out water. It is against local code to discharge your sump pump to the municipal sewer system. Instead, water from the sump pump should be drained into systems such as a storm drain or dry well.

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We recommend having professional technicians perform ejector pump installations and repairs. It may be tempting to take on the project yourself, but this can lead to further damage and costly repairs.

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