Faucet, Fixture, and Sink Repairs in Round Lake

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Faucets, Fixtures and Sinks Services in Round Lake, IL

Faucets and fixtures are the lifeline of your home. The more you use them, the more they wear down over time. The first part to experience a breakdown is the washer in your faucet unit. Our technicians carry extra washers in our service vans, expediting the repair and replacement process. You can find us serving residents throughout Round Lake and surrounding areas.

Timely Fixture Repairs

Fixtures such toilets, showerheads, and faucets are vulnerable to increased problems with heavy use.

Common toilet problems include flushing issues, as well as units that continue to run. If you notice anything unusual, contact your technician for immediate solutions. Many homeowners wait until they receive an unexpectedly high water bill to consider repairs. Save on increased bills with timely solutions.

Like any other faucet, a showerhead can also leak due to worn washers. We can take a look at your showerhead and provide options for repair or whole unit replacement.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

Leaking fixtures can go unnoticed for weeks or months. Ever reached under your kitchen sink to grab a cleaning agent or insect repellant, only to realize that the bottom of the container has begun to rust? That’s when you realize there is a pool of water under the sink. Fortunately, you can avoid long-term water damage to your cabinets and property with regular maintenance. We will inspect your faucet and fixture units and make sure any problems are addressed and repaired.

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