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Need Help Repiping Your Bathroom?


RepipingThere are several factors that a homeowner will have to look into in regards to their piping system. By knowing the type of piping system the home has, our  company will have a better understanding on how long it will take to repipe the entire bathroom. We will also be able to provide the homeowners with a better estimate on what the costs of the repairs will be. Our company will replace any drywall or paint needed that had to be removed due to the repiping. If the homeowner is unsure about the type of piping system they have, one of our professionals will be able to inspect it to advise the type of piping system and the steps necessary for the job.

Homeowners do not have to move away from the home during the repiping process. However, the water may be turned off at times while the repiping is being done. Our professionals will have the entire bathroom repiped within two to five days. The bathroom will then have to be inspected and the drywall and paint will have to be fixed. This could take an additional three to five business days.

Our repiping company will turn the water back on when needed and before the leaving the home at night. This way, the homeowners will be able to have access to another bathroom in the home or their kitchen. We will keep the work area clean at all times. This way, we can ensure that no one in the home gets hurt from any tools or materials that are used.

If you want to have better water pressure or are tired of your pipes leaking all the time, be sure to get in contact with our repiping company. We will be able to repipe your entire bathroom to ensure the pipes will no longer be an issue.

Is your bathroom in need of a full repipe? Call Duane Blanton today at (847) 855-0000 for the best services in Round Lakes! 

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