by Duane Blanton on January 9, 2015

Handling Slab Leaks in Your Home


A slab leak is when there is a leak under the cement foundation of your home in the water pipes.

Some of the indicators that you have a slab leak are:

1) If you are hearing water running in your home even when you are not using the water.

2) Your water bill seems significantly higher than usual but there have been no changes in water use.

3) You start noticing that there are new cracks in your walls that have just started appearing that you didn’t have before.

4) You start noticing that the doors in your house are becoming harder to close completely.

5) You are experiencing water pressure that seems low in your home.

6) You start noticing that there are areas on your floor that feel hot that weren’t there before.

There are several different things that cause slab leak problems in a home. It can be because of the water and the PH level is not compatible with the copper in the pipes or it can be because of problems with the foundation. It can be caused by the foundation not being done correctly, or because the foundation did not get enough water or was watered too much. There can also be problems because of soldering done incorrectly, wear and tear of the pipes, the pipes not being correctly wrapped, and pipes aging.

When the foundation gets watered too much, it can cause the foundation to settle or move, which then causes the pipes to move. Another reason can be because the pipes that were installed in the home were the incorrect size or because the pipes are having water forced through them from too high of water pressure and it is causing the pipes to bend. There is also the chance of the work not being done correctly or using cheap pipes and other parts that do not last, then they start to cause problems.

How Long Does a Slab Leak Repair Take?

Most jobs require two days of work. The first day is spent detecting what the problem are and where they are located, then getting preparing for the repairs. The second day is spent fixing the problem and making sure they have found all of the problems and that all the problems are all fixed. Sometimes there could be more involved in doing the repairs that could take longer but that doesn’t happen very often.

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