by Duane Blanton on June 26, 2015


Round Lake Plumbing MaintenanceA properly maintained plumbing system will save you money on repairs, and prevent small issues from becoming big headaches.


Inspect regularly for leaks. A leaky faucet would be obvious, but be sure to check under sinks and behind toilets for moisture accumulation. A leaky pipe can cause costly water damage and mold growth. A rotted floor is costly to repair and may be dangerous. Some pests also are attracted to standing water. Be sure to check in your basement or under your home for evidence of leaks as well. Call your plumber right away to prevent damage to your home if you find a leak.


It is advisable to use hair traps and strainers in your sink and shower drains, but you may eventually have to deal with a clog. Liquid and granulated drain cleaners are usually not very effective, and some can be harmful to septic systems, which may cause bigger problems. Plumbing snakes can remove some clogs, but follow instructions carefully because in some cases they may push a clog deeper into the system. Therefore, sometimes a drain must be dismantled to properly remove a clog. This is best left to a pro.


Be on the lookout for reduced water pressure at shower heads and faucets. A drop in pressure may indicate a leak that you cannot see or sediment build up in your pipes. Sediment build up may also occur in a water heater, which may cause damage to the appliance and reduce it’s efficiency. An experienced plumber can drain and clean sediment from the tank, as well as inspect pipes for sediment and corrosion.Round Lake Plumbing Maintenance


Water expands as it freezes. When this happens inside of a pipe of any material, it can cause the pipe to burst. It is much easier and cheaper to prevent this than it is to clean up the mess and pay for the repairs.

Allowing a faucet to run during cold weather will cause a spike in your water bill and is ecologically irresponsible. Pipes under your home, and in your basement if it is not heated, should be well insulated. There are several ways to insulate pipes, from foam insulating tubes to electric heating tapes and cables. A plumber can advise what will work best for your system.

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