by Duane Blanton on April 24, 2015

Better Plumbing Means Fewer Drips

Round Lake PlumberSaving water is a critical job in drier parts of the world. It can mean a smaller utility bill for the home owner, even in areas where water is plentiful. Saving water is a benefit to everyone, because the less any resource is wasted the more plentiful and inexpensive it will be. There are ways anyone can help.

It Begins With Your Faucet

The largest leak is caused by human error, because people leave water running and fiddle with their faucets in ways that promote leaks. One way to solve the problem is to install outlets that reduce output. Some faucets leak when the knob is turned to an awkward angle. Installing a better washer ring or a better faucet is the solution.

Sometime washing machines obtain their water by tapping the kitchen sink. This is a weak point that ought to be checked for leaks. Doing this will also prevent moisture from ruining the wood of cabinetry or the floorboard.

Leaks can be very expensive inside the home, and this is where they are most likely to occur. Appliances like baths and washers create plumbing joints that are weaker than regular pipe sections.

Pay Attention To The Weather

Places that experience cold will experience frozen ground. Pipes are generally buried a foot or more down to prevent them from freezing. If weather turns unusually cold, then the frost line might sink deeper than usual. Pipes under the house are not protected by the ground and depend on a warm house. If the power goes out, then it easily becomes cold enough for pipes to freeze.

Understanding the typical weather in an area goes a long way towards predicting problems. Local plumbers will understand what problems are common and will recommend regular inspections. Allowing these inspections is an insurance policy that can save a lot of money in the long run.

Know the Soil Beneath Your FeetRound Lake Water Conservation

An even bigger problem for ground pipes is earth quakes and changes in the soil layers. Most earthquakes are not dramatic and will barely make a house vibrate. These vibrations might be sufficient to create cracks in soldering and are a cause for concern.

Erosion in the ground can cause a solid surface to sink over time, and this puts stress on normally straight pipes. It pays to know your local soil type and be prepared to call for inspections.

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