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The Latest Toilet Technologies

A New Toilet Awaits You

If you’ve ever walked in your Round Lake, IL bathroom and looked at your toilet and became sick of it, then maybe it’s time you upgrade to a new toilet. There are so many new toilets out there today that are now incorporating technology, so you can get something better than the typical toilet that only flushes.

You may never need to clean your toilet again because they now clean themselves. It’s possible to control every function of the toilet through a remote control, and some toilets will even go into energy-saving mode, based on the person who uses the toilet. There are incredible technologies available in toilets these days, and when you’re ready to upgrade to something new, you’d be surprised at the type of toilet you can get, and the price is more than worth it, especially for a toilet that you never have to touch or clean again.

Round Lake, IL toilet-technologies-1Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is always important, but how important is it to have lighting in the toilet? Some like to go to the bathroom in the dark, but a little bit of light would be nice, especially if it’s coming out of the toilet. There are toilets that have built in lights, and kits are now being sold to add lighting into a toilet, so there is no more need to use the bathroom in the dark.

Remote Controlled Toilet

Imagine having a toilet that has many functions that can all be controlled by a single remote. Not only do these toilets exist but there are several options for controlling the toilet, including controls on the toilet itself, controls on the wall, and a remote control.

Self-Cleaning Technology

In the past, many have only dreamed of having a toilet that didn’t have to be cleaned. Some would even hire a person to clean the toilet because it was a task that they didn’t want to complete themselves. Now, with new technology, toilets can clean themselves with a single flush, or there may be a self-cleaning button that can be pushed to have a toilet cleaned. This type of technology no longer has to utilize a person to get the toilet clean.

Heated Seat

Anyone who wants to sit on a warm seat in the bathroom can now get a toilet with a heated seat, which can be incredibly comfortable, especially when it’s cold.

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