by Duane Blanton on November 14, 2014

The Secret to Lowering Your Water Bill


When your water bill has spiked in price, you may be questioning the water usage in your home. Although this information is quite important, in order to fix the issue, it is always best to call for the services of a professional plumber.

What Consumes The Most Water In A Regular Size Home?

  • Old top loading washing machines that use about 32 to 40 gallons of water or more per load – yikes!
  • Older toilets offer a surprise that may bring a frown. They use up to 7 gallons per flush while the new toilets only use about 1.7 gallons per flush.
  • And if you thought you were saving water bill money by washing those dishes by hand, think again, folks. Dishwashers with a “full load” don’t use nearly as much water as by hand and rinsing does. The scary fact about washing the dishes while keeping the water running (like we all do) can use up to 20 gallons of water before you’ve completed the job. Not rinsing dishes prior to shoving them in a dishwasher, will save you at least 10 gallons per load.

If Your Water Bill Is Approaching The National Debt, Follow This Plan!

  • PlumbingUsing Water Sense labeled toilets and appliances that require nearly 80 percent less water, could save you upwards of thousands of dollars each year.
  • High efficiency washing machines use less than 27 gallons per load. Older models are up to 54 gallons per load.
  • Use your dishwasher, and only run it when it’s full, not before.
  • Make sure you purchase and install a faucet aerator.
  • Drink water from what you’ve put in the refrigerator and use ice cubes to keep the water cold.
  • Heat water in your micro or on the stove. Don’t turn your faucet on and hold your finger underneath until the water gets hot.
  • Finally, purchase and install a Point-Of-Use hot water heater.

Are you spending far too much on your water bill? Take action and call Duane Blanton today at (847) 855-0000. Your Round Lake home will thank you. 

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