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Prevent Seasonal Emergencies with a Winter Checklist

Winter Maintenance Tips

The thing with emergencies is that they tend to take you by surprise. You can reduce the risk and the impact that comes with emergencies by preparing for them the best that you can. That is why you should take some time this season to prepare your home from a health and safety standpoint.

Here are some essential items for your checklist this winter in Round Lake, IL.

Protect Yourself from Carbon Monoxide and Fire

Carbon Monoxide Check Some of the greatest threats to your home are things that you can’t even see or detect with your other senses- like carbon monoxide. That’s why you need to rely on the technology of a carbon monoxide detector.

You also need to have smoke detectors working at their best to give your family time to escape your home in the event of fire. They can also give you precious time to get help to keep your home from burning down completely.

Remove the lids from the units and clean inside. Test that they are working and replace batteries. Never paint on a detector as that will keep them from working properly.


Insulated home


Did you know that over 90 percent of US homes aren’t adequately insulated? Is your home one of them? There are few ways that you can tell.

Do you experience fluctuating temperatures in your home? Are there drafts?Are your heating bills higher than they should be? Are there cold spots on your floors and ceilings?

These are all indications that your home needs more insulation. What’s more is that the bulk of heat loss happens through your walls, not through your windows or doors. It’s a worthwhile investment to keep your family warm to upgrade your insulation.


Frozen PipeIcy walkways and driveways represent a major hazard for slip and fall injuries. You can reduce this risk substantially by keeping a supply of de-icing salt on hand. It doesn’t take a lot of ice to be slippery, but a quick spread of de-icing salt will give you the traction that you need.

They also come in extra handy when a plumbing situation arises. In many occasions outdoor plumbing can become frozen and thus, clog your entire home system. Creating an even bigger economic burden for you and your family.

Keep in mind that some de-icing salt is toxic for pets and plant life, so if this is a concern for you, you should select a grade of de-icer that is more organic.


Your home needs to be properly ventilated this winter, not just for health reasons, but to make your home energy efficient too. If your home is too damp, it won’t heat properly. Get rid of excess moisture with an exhaust fan that vents outside.

Improve your indoor air quality by opening windows a crack for a few minutes each day. Because you’re not leaving them open for very long, you won’t really sustain any heat loss.

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