Repiping Services in Round Lake

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Repiping Services in Round Lake, IL

After an inspection by your neighborhood plumber, you find out that the source of your low water pressure problems is damaged piping. You will need to have your home repiped. But what is repiping, and how long does it take? Discard those images of your home being completely dismantled. Read on to learn more about the repiping process and how our team can help you get your pipes working efficiently once again. We work with residents in Round Lake and surrounding areas, including Barrington, Buffalo Grove, and Grayslake.

When Do You Need to Repipe Your Home?

Repiping involves replacing the pipes in your home, starting at the original water distribution points between interior and exterior service pipes, and ending at the various fixtures within your home.

Repiping is necessary when existing pipes are damaged beyond repair. Galvanized pipes, in particular, were long held as the standard in piping; however, they are revealed to be liable to corrosion and rusting. Once these pipes become rusted, they can develop leaks that increase risk of mold growth within your walls or under the slab of your property. Certain types of synthetic pipe materials are also vulnerable to degrading and leaking, making repiping the only solution.

Signs of Pipe Damage

A defective series of pipes can only be resolved with repiping. Defective pipes can cause leaks or minor floods, damaging your home. Signs of defective pipes include low water pressure at your faucets. Low water pressure can result from pipe leaks behind your walls, or from pipe corrosion. If you have a galvanized pipe that is rusting, the rust can build up inside the pipe and cause clogging.

How can you tell if your pipes are corroded? Look for strange coloring in your water. If the water coming from your faucets looks rusty, you may have to repipe to solve the corrosion problem.

The Repiping Process

After we have determined that repiping is necessary, the subsequent job will be straightforward. We will remove the existing pipes and run replacement units. The goal of a successful repiping project is returning your home to an improved state, with a more efficient pipe system.

Call Your Repiping Specialists!

While repiping is a major undertaking, it is possible to achieve with minimal disturbance to your property. The cost of repiping depends on the size of the home, the number of pipes needing replacement, the piping material, and the location of the affected pipes. With so many variables at play even before the repiping process can begin, it’s only fair that you receive a free estimate* to help you plan your budget.

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