Sewer Line Repairs in Round Lake

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Sewer Line Repair Services in Round Lake, IL

You step outside one morning and notice a strong, foul odor in your yard. It smells like waste, and it’s most likely connected to a damaged sewer line. Contact our technicians for professional repair services in the Round Lake area, as well as surrounding communities such as Barrington, Buffalo Grove, and Grayslake. We offer guaranteed repair and replacements using the latest equipment.

Sewer Televising Inspections

Before starting any repair or replacement work, we will first inspect your sewer line to locate the damaged areas. We accomplish this through sewer televising. A video camera is inserted into your sewer pipes to trace the line and reveal any problem areas in real time. This makes the repair process much more accurate, in addition to making it go smoothly.

Your sewer line may be clogged, or it may be cracked or corroded. If there is a break in your line, tree roots and other debris can creep in and cause blockages, or even expand the existing cracks and breaks; this will result in a leaking sewer line. Severe blockage in your sewer line will eventually affect the function of your plumbing fixtures, such as your toilet. Depending on the problem revealed by the televising equipment, we will determine whether you need a repair or replacement service. If your line is corroded or damaged beyond repair, we will complete pipe replacement with the least disruption possible to your property.

Sewer Line Leaks

One way to tell if your sewer line is leaking is if you notice moisture or puddles in the yard. Contact a professional technician as soon as possible to handle the situation.

We have the tools, equipment, and expertise to give you the best customer service possible. Contact us at (847) 855-0000 for quality sewer line repairs and replacement at a great value.