by Duane Blanton on June 12, 2015

The History of the Modern Toilet

Round Lake PlumberEvery country in the world has some receptacle that is used for human waste. In lesser developed countries, a toilet can consist of a hole in the ground, typical to an outhouse, or a toilet that one would squat over. In the more affluent parts of the world, a flush toilet is the most modern toilet in use. Flush toilets typically drain into a septic system, or in urban areas they drain into a common sewer.

Ancient Toilets

The first use of toilets was documented in the third millennium BC. The Inca civilization in 2800 BC had primitive versions of western toilets, which were ultra-modern in that time. The sanitary conditions that they managed to create are still not available in many parts of the world today.

Pakistan and parts of India had primitive toilets that used flowing water to take the waste away. Similar types of toilets were found in Scotland and the Roman Empire as well. Modern flush toilets are built on the same idea of having the water clean the toilet and take the waste to another location.

Early Victorian Developments

Round Lake Toilet History

The first big break in plumbing technology was the invention of the S-trap by Alexander Cummings in 1775. This allowed for the modern toilet to be created. The S-trap is still used today and seals the toilet in such a way that the air from the sewer is trapped.

The modern flush toilet was invented in 1596 however it did not gain popularity until the mid-19th century. Flush toilets first made an appearance in England, but quickly caught on in America. The wealthy were the first early-adopters of the modern flush toilet, quickly discarding their chamber pots and outhouses in favor of the more sanitary invention.

Modern-Era Improvements

Since the invention of the modern flush toilet, others have been improving on the idea. A Flushometer was invented in 1906 by William Elvis Sloan which allowed water to be recycled faster so that the toilet would be able to be flushed again sooner. Australian Bruce Thompson developed a system in 1980 that would allow the toilet to use less water. This in turn would help conserve water for every house with a flush toilet.

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