Water Leak Detection Services in Round Lake

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Water Leak Detection Services in Round Lake, IL

A water leak, no matter how small, is nothing to take lightly. As leaks trickle out from your pipes, the water is absorbed into the chalking as well as your walls and flooring. The end result could be extensive damage requiring costly repairs. Contact our technicians for professional leak detection in Round Lake and nearby communities in Lake County, including Barrington, Buffalo Grove, and Grayslake.

Signs You Have a Water Leak

The most noticeable sign of leaking is a pooling of water around your kitchen or bathroom floor; you can also notice leaks in your basement. If you have carpeting, a sudden damp carpet could signal a leaking pipe in your system.

Ceiling and wall stains also indicate a potential leak. If yellow or orange stains are appearing on your ceiling or walls, you may have water damage. If the paint starts to crack, or if holes appear, this means the leak is getting worse and should be attended to immediately.

Your ceilings and walls may not stain or crack. However, be on the lookout for bubbling. This is more subtle than the former two signs, but bubbles forming in your walls and ceiling signal exposure to water.

Call Your Water Leak Detection Experts

Leaks are not always obvious, which is why it is crucial to call for help as soon as you notice anything unusual. Experienced plumbers will quickly detect any leaks using the latest detection devices. The equipment we use include remote camera or remote imaging systems, ground penetrating radar devices, and infrared devices. Once we have located the leak, we will determine how much work is required to repair the problem.

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