Water Softener System Installation & Replacement in Round Lake

Want shinier hair and clearer skin? The answer may lie in your water softener system! Call (847) 855-0000 for professional water softener installation and replacement in Round Lake, IL. Take advantage of our latest coupons and special discounts.

Water Softener Services in Round Lake, IL

Are you exhausted by hard water stains and scaling in your kitchen and bath fixtures? Is your existing water softener system due for a replacement? Call the team at Duane Blanton for water softener installations or replacements in Round Lake, IL and the surrounding areas. Water softeners remove abrasive minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, often found in hard water. These systems replace the harsh minerals with sodium. Satisfied customers often report back that they have noticed an improvement in dishwashing, and even in how their skin and hair feels with a water softener system in place. Take a look at their reviews here!

Water Softener Benefits

More effective washing: Water softeners make washing with soaps and detergents easier and faster. You won’t need to turn on your hot water!

Cleaner water: Water softeners are a form of water treatment and purification. Not only is this great for drinking water from the tap, but it’s also beneficial for your fixtures and appliances: without the offending minerals found in hard water affecting appliances such as your water heater or boiler, there is less risk of clogging, corrosion, or scaling.

Increased energy savings: Water softeners can help reduce energy consumption. With less risk of clogging and scaling, your plumbing systems will be able to run more efficiently and seamlessly. No extra strain is added in their efforts to function at normal level.

Common Water Softener Problems

You may be wondering about the flip side of these benefits. What problems can you expect to experience?

Some of the more common problems affecting water softener systems:

  • Overflowing tanks
  • Saline and calcium siltation (buildup) in the system
  • Faulty valves in the system
  • Dissolving of salts in the softener tanks
  • Salt bridges

The following problems can be solved through cleansing or de-clogging methods. Problems with salt bridges are more difficult to remedy, however. Salt bridge is a condition that develops when the water softener seems to be running but is not softening the water or using any salt. This problem can be resolved through regeneration, which helps remove the salt buildup that is causing the bridge to develop.

If your water softener is due for a replacement, we can help you find a new system and install it for you without hassle.

Call us today at (847) 855-0000 to combat hard water. Duane Blanton Plumbing, Sewer & Drainage, Inc. provides expert water softener replacement and installation services at a great value throughout Round Lake and surrounding areas.