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Benefits of Having a Tankless Water Heater


Round Lake Water HeaterWhen it is time to install a water heater in your home, a big decision comes with the process. Homeowners have to decide whether they wish to install a water heater with a tank or a tankless water heater. As technology advances in today’s world, there are many great benefits associated with tankless water heaters.

One great benefit of installing a tankless water heater is obviously space. A water heater with a tank takes up space somewhere around the home, whether it is in the basement, under the house, or in a closet, the heater is still taking up room somewhere. With tankless water heaters, worrying about where to put that bulky water tank is not an issue a homeowner even has to consider.

Another great benefit of installing a tankless water heater is being able to do multiple tasks around the home simultaneously. In a household that has a water heater with a tank, if the homeowner starts a load of laundry on hot water, starts the dish washer then tries to go take a warm shower, odds are the clothes and dishes will not get clean and the shower will be ice cold. Tankless water heaters allow simultaneous tasks to be performed without the homeowner ever having to worry about whether there is hot water or not.

Since the water is heated when the homeowner needs it with tankless water heaters, this means there is no hot water reserve sitting in a tank somewhere. Cutting out the hot water reserve saves on energy bills for the home. It is said tankless water heaters can cut energy costs of a home by nearly 20 percent.

When in the market for a water heater, tankless water heaters tend to run a bit more expensive than traditional water heaters, however, the benefits of owning a tankless water heater greatly outweigh the extra cost. The extra cost paid in the store to initially buy the water heater is quickly made up in a couple months of use by the money saved on the energy bills at home.

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