Bathroom Remodeling Services in Round Lake

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If your shower, toilet, or sink is looking like it has seen better days, why not give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves? You will be improving your home’s value while increasing the overall efficiency of your bathroom fixtures with modern units.

Bathroom Remodeling Services in Round Lake, IL

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Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Debating whether to go with repairs over remodeling? If your fixtures are constantly in need of repair, then why not invest in long-term solutions? Instead of investing time and money in repairs that won’t last, consider replacing your faulty fixtures with new, fully-efficient units. With the proper maintenance and care, your new shower, toilet, or sink unit will give you several years of headache-free service, as opposed to the constant inconvenience you are experiencing now.


We can help you choose the ideal toilet unit for your home. If your remodeling project requires more details, we can also assist other contractors with moving the toilet to a different location if necessary. To give you better water efficiency, we can even install low-flow toilet models.


If you have been experiencing a leaky faucet, consider the benefits of replacing your unit: increased savings on water waste and better water conservation efforts. A faucet leak may also be connected to leaking pipes. A neglected pipe inside your walls can cause significant water damage to your property, as well as cause water spots to burst through a wall. We will help you repair any damaged piping and replace your faucets for better plumbing efficiency.

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