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Your garbage disposal can help keep your drains clear, in addition to decreasing the amount of waste that enters our trash system. However, it’s also easy to misuse our garbage disposal units, causing them to break down prematurely. Read on to learn more about recommended maintenance tips for keeping your disposal unit healthy. If you experience problems, such as a jam, or need a new unit replaced, contact our technicians for service in the Round Lake area.

Garbage Disposal Services in Round Lake, IL

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Solutions to Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Here are some common garbage disposal problems you may experience over time.

Leaking unit: These may be caused by loose or broken screws, or by eroded or damaged gaskets around the sink, drainpipe, or motor. There could also be a hole in the disposal’s housing that may require your entire unit to be replaced.

Noisy unit: If your garbage disposal is making unusual noises, there is either a foreign object jammed in the unit or a mounting screw is loose. If the jam is not removed, you can risk damaging your entire disposal unit.

Poor drainage: Is your sink drain clogged? This can be caused by a dulled shredder or damaged flywheel, making your unit unable to properly shred the food particles. This can lead to clogs in your sink drain. Our technicians will remove the clog using a drain snake or auger.

You may find that your entire unit is not working at all. This could be the result of a faulty motor, or it could be caused by problems with your wiring. Our technicians will be able to determine the source of the issue and repair any problems.

Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

With a bit of care, it’s easy to keep your disposal running in top condition. Keep it clean by running the unit for one minute, and then pouring some dish soap and cold water down. If you use your garbage disposal regularly, this will help prevent rust and corrosion, and will also help prevent obstructions from building up. You should regularly run cold water to cool down the motor; this will help solidify any grease or oils sticking to your unit.

You may have heard that it’s harmful to put chicken bones, fruit pits, and eggshells down your disposal. However, grinding these items occasionally will help scour the inside of the unit and keep it clean. It’s also a good idea to dispose of citrus fruits, as this will freshen up any odors from your drain. Never dispose of non-food items, and run cold water when operating the disposal, allowing the water to run a little after the disposal has been turned off.

Looking to Install a New Garbage Disposal?

There is a wide selection of garbage disposals available, with varying features. However, there are three types of disposal units every model will fall into continuous feed, which activated via a wall switch; batch feed, which is turned on using a special stopper that comes with the system; and septic tank specific, which uses a special cartridge to maintain a healthy septic system. No matter what type of disposal you are looking for, we will help you install the right one for your home.

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