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What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingHydro jetting is a sewer cleaning technique that utilizes high water volume that’s released at high pressure to scrub the walls inside of drains and sewer lines. Today, this process is growing in popularity because of how thoroughly it removes blockages that occur within drains and pipes. With this mechanism water streams are shot from a hose at up to 3,500 psi, which is strong enough to cut through any debris that may have built up inside of your drain. This process will ultimately restore everything to its original condition so that it can function properly once again.

How It Works

Usually hydro jetting is done by attaching a hose to the clean-out within your plumbing system. This is the part of your system that was originally designed to allow plumbers to be able to easily clean debris and clogs out of your water line. The machine itself hosts a large tank of water and a specialized hose with a nozzle that shoots water out at a rate of 18 gallons per minute. Since your sewer system is designed to allow gravity to carry the waste away from your property the hydro jet is attached to its low end where it works against gravity to clear out any clogs. The loosened debris then flows downstream with the rest of your waste.

When Hydro Jetting Is Used

This is a great way in which to maintain both your sewers and your drains. Unfortunately, most people don’t consider using this service until they have a major clog but it can be done as a part of regular, routine maintenance. You’ll also want to have it done before you have any major plumbing work done (i.e. pipe lining) in order to ensure that the debris that’s there doesn’t interfere with the formation and bonding of the new piping.

Why Choose Hydro Jetting

Round Lake PlumberHydro jetting works even when other methods of cleaning your drain have failed. It will also provide much longer results than things like snaking do. Furthermore, it doesn’t require harsh chemicals and drain cleaners to be used. Since a lot of water is being used at a very high pressure it’s effective whenever it comes to removing really stubborn blockages, including the infiltration of tree roots. You’ll be able to quickly clear up heavy scale, sediment and years of debris that’s built up. Even grease, rocks and soap scum can be removed in this way.

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