Water Heater Installation & Repair in Round Lake

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There are a number of common problems associated with water heaters, and the effectiveness of repair versus replacement is due largely to how quickly the problem is discovered and the quality of professional workmanship provided. Repairs are a practical choice if the problem is caught relatively quickly. It is also helpful if you perform annual maintenance on your water heater to catch potential problems and have them handled before further damage can occur. Our technicians conveniently serve residents throughout Round Lake and surrounding areas.

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Water Heater Repairs

Your water heater may need to have couplings, lines, or the thermostat replaced. These are individual component replacements that do not require your entire unit to be taken out and are relatively easy to handle.

Your unit may also develop leaks. These leaks often start out as small drips that gradually expand until the entire seal gives out. Leaks can be repaired effectively if they are caught early enough, when not too much damage has affected your system.

As a result, water heater repair is a good option if the problem is noticed early enough to just need a quick fix.

Water Heater Replacements

A new water heater installation is required if your unit is severely damaged. Smaller problems could have accumulated over time to develop into excessive damage. Leaks can sometimes be repaired if they are small enough; however, if the leak was allowed to go unattended for weeks or months, your unit will likely need a replacement. It is also necessary to replace your entire unit if the heating element becomes inefficient.

How Does Hard Water Affect My Water Heater?

Water heater problems are compounded by certain conditions, such as the presence of hard water in your system. Hard water has abrasive minerals that can build up inside the pipes and tank of your water heater, which often contribute to premature system failure. This mineral buildup can also cause problems with temperature regulation, as it is difficult for the water heater’s coils to operate properly if the water cannot travel through the coils freely.

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Routine inspections will help ensure that your water heater is operating at an optimal level. It is more cost effective to invest in regular maintenance and to make minor repairs, than to experience the hassle of having to replace your entire unit due to significant damage.

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