What You Should Consider With Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, then you already know that this is going to be a much bigger, more significant effort to improve your home.

It’s not like switching a bed out of a guest room, moving in a desk, computer and a new coat of paint on the walls and calling it a home office.

You’ll be removing and replacing permanent fixtures like bathtubs and stoves. You may be enlarging these spaces, tearing down walls and putting in things that might require new plumbing connections, such as dishwashers.

But if you want things to go smoothly, there are a few things you need to think about.

Consider Upgrading Your Plumbing


If your home is older, and the plumbing hasn’t been touched in decades, this is the best possible time to think about an upgrade and re-piping your plumbing.

With walls and floors being removed, your plumbing is never going to be more accessible than it is now.

This is why you should seriously think about getting an upgrade to modern plumbing and materials.

An iron sewage pipe that has been working for 100 years shouldn’t be counted on to work for 100 more.

And if it breaks just a few years after your remodeling, you may have to tear down the work you just did to get at it and fix the problem.

Figure Out What You Really Want

The goal of remodeling is to improve your kitchen or your bathroom. But have you taken the time to figure out what, for you, constitutes an improvement? This is your chance to bring it to life, so give it serious thought.

One person’s idea of the perfect kitchen with optimized cabinet and counter space may be the exact opposite for you if you’ve always wanted an open, social space for family and friends to interact.

Another person’s dream raindrop shower might be the exact opposite of your need for a luxury bathtub you can fully stretch out in.

Figure these things out and communicate them clearly, so there’s no misunderstanding between you and your contractor, and you get what you want.

Be Careful Who You Pick


The decision that is going to have the most impact on how good your remodeling job is is who you decide to do the work.

The right choice, with experienced, efficient professionals can mean fantastic new rooms that cost exactly as much as the original estimate that was given.

The wrong choice can mean an unsatisfactory job that you ended up paying more for than was originally agreed upon in the estimate as “surprises” came up.

Take any referrals made by people you trust seriously.

Do additional research on the Internet, and look up things like user reviews or customer testimonials.

Good companies will have a long list of evidence over the years. Bad companies will either have a lot of negative comments, or very few reviews and evaluations at all.


Foul Smelling Water and Drains Can be Caused by These Reasons

If you are experiencing foul smelling water or drains, follow a process of elimination to determine what is behind your problem. It’s important to try to diagnose where the smell is coming from because that will help you determine exactly how you can get rid of it effectively.

Some repair and maintenance are simple DIY fixes, and others require help from your plumber. Read on to learn more.

P-Trap Run Dry?

The P-trap takes different forms depending on the piping that it is attached to, but it is generally shaped like a “P”.


It exists to act as a barrier between the drain or plumbing fixture (and ultimately your home) and the smelly sewer gases that occur naturally.

It does so by trapping some of the drain water to act as a plug. If you haven’t used the sink, shower, etc. in some time, it is possible that the trap has dried out.

As an easy fix, try running the water and see if that alleviates the smell.

Sewer Line Problem

There are a number of signs of a sewer line break or blockage: a bad odor, wet spots on your foundation, mold, sunken patches in your lawn and more.

It is hard for you to determine on your own if you are dealing with a break or a blockage, which is why you need to enlist professional help.

It’s possible that there is a breach in your sewer line system, which means that you are vulnerable to flooding.

Water Heater & Anode Rods

If there is a distinctive rotten egg smell in your water heater or coming from your water, there is a likelihood that it is being caused by your magnesium-based anode rod in your water heater.

Depending on the chemical composition of your water, whether it is hard or soft and how much bacteria is present, sometimes the rod will react and create sulfuric gases which smell bad.

The anode rod is there to protect your water heater from rusting. Simply replace the magnesium rod with an aluminum one.



If the drain isn’t properly vented or blocked (which happens commonly with animal nests, plant and tree matter), then a vacuum of sorts is created.

Instead of ventilating away from your home, smelly sewer will be sucked into your home.

Get your drains cleaned of any debris.


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