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Three Common Plumbing Dangers

Round Lake PlumberAlmost any homeowner can tell you about mistakes they’ve made as far as household plumbing systems. Some are innocent mistakes such as a paper towel being flushed down the toilet, but some can be hazardous to the material that makes up plumbing systems or can cause personal dangers.

This article discusses three of the most dangerous mistakes, how to avoid them, and what can happen if a homeowner does not avoid them.

Mistake 1

Avoid shower head racks and organizers if possible. These types of organizers can become heavy over time with heavy bottles of shampoos and soaps, and can begin to stress the fixture head and eventually connecting pipes. If even a minor leak develops due to the excess weight, a major repair might be the next thing to worry about. Think about using a small rack that won’t accumulate a lot of weight on the shower head.

Mistake 2

Flushing household items down a toilet can cause all kinds of issues. Sometimes children will do things like flushing a toy or other solid object down the toilet. Yes, even adults can accidentally drop something in like a hair brush or a bottle of makeup.

These can cause stress fractures in the pipes or even clog them. Eventually, a stress fracture can develop into a leak, and a clog can cause an immediate overflow.

To avoid this, try to keep the lid closed at all times the toilet is not being used for its intended purpose. Overflows and leaky toilet pipes can cause dangerous bacteria to be leaked onto a floor or rug, and can cause severe illness if not cleaned properly.

Mistake 3

An easy solution to a clogged bath or sink drain that people often turn to is chemical solutions found in the cleaner aisle at the grocery store. This might seem like a quick fix, but it is no real solution to the problem. Often, hair or something similar is the likely culprit.Round Lake Plumbing Dangers

The danger of these chemicals is that they can weaken pipes over time, which will then have to be replaced. They are also toxic to the Earth’s overall environment. A better solution is to have a professional plumber come out and remove whatever is causing the clog.

Keeping in mind basic plumbing maintenance should be second nature to seasoned homeowners. Understandably, life can get in the way of remembering these things, however. Just try to remember to keep these plumbing issues in the household safe for family and guests.

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