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The Toilet is Clogged Again

Round Lake PlumberClogged toilets are a common annoyance that most every home dweller encounters at one time or another. Although there are a variety of reasons why a toilet gets clogged, some causes are more common than others. Once you learn more about the most frequent causes for a stopped up toilet, you can prevent them or understand the most effective way to deal with them.

Five Common Causes

 No-Flush Items Were Flushed Down the Toilet: One of the most predominant causes of clogged toilets is having no-flush items go down the drain. Items such as sanitary products, cotton swabs, cotton balls and diapers can cause your toilet to clog fast.

Toilet Paper Overuse: Too much toilet paper coupled with infrequent flushing can lead to stoppage in the pipe. If extra toilet paper is warranted, prevent clogging by flushing more frequently.

Accidentally Flushed Items: Although little children are often the culprits of accidental flushing, adults can also inadvertently flush foreign objects down the toilet. From dropped deodorant to small toys, w

Round Lake Clogged Toilet

hen items such as these go down the drain they can get lodged in the pipe and cause blockage to build up.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning Materials: Paper towels and toilet cleaning sponges that are meant to be flushed might be unexpected sources of clogs. Nevertheless, they do contribute toward a toilet that won’t flush and empty properly. In the case of cleaning sponges, cheap quality material can get stuck in the piping.

Discarded Hair: If you’re in the habit of flushing human or pet hair down the toilet, you may be in for trouble. Hair buildup can result in a messy clog.

Preventing a Clogged Toilet and Dealing with One That’s Already Clogged

In many cases, toilet clogs are avoidable and easily prevented. But when you’ve already got one on your hands that isn’t responding positively to your efforts to plunge the clog, then it’s probably time to call a professional.

A certified plumbing professional can check to make sure the clog isn’t due to other issues, such as old, decaying pipes, low water pressure or blockage from tree roots. Enlisting the help of a plumber means you can get rid of the toilet clog without causing further damage to your plumbing.

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