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10 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom

Round Lake PlumberHaving a beautiful bathroom isn’t just eye candy, it can also add a decent amount of value to your home. If a person takes the investment that they’ve made in their home seriously then beautifying their bathroom is an excellent way to build upon that investment. Here are ten easy ways to beautify a bathroom.

1) Flowers

Starting with something simple, it’s easy to add a few vases and flowers to a bathroom. Artificial flowers work just as good as real flowers and don’t have to be watered and sunlight isn’t an issue either.

2) New Vanity

Most people would be shocked by the incredibly stylish vanities available these days if they haven’t replaced theirs in years, or decades. Adding a new vanity can transform a bathroom’s entire mood.

3) New Bath and/or Shower

Matching a bathroom’s bath and shower area to the vanity (or vice versa) is always a great idea. Modern bath and shower designs are equally as impressive as modern vanity design.

4) Keeping the Toilet Clean

This may seem like common sense but the toilet is one of the easiest objects to neglect in a bathroom, resulting in a less than beautiful feel for the room. Keep the toilet in good shape to keep the bathroom feeling clean and fresh. Also consider adding some decorations on the tank for extra style.

5) Stylish Sink Design

This sort of goes hand-in-hand with getting a new vanity but sometimes a home owner doesn’t have to take it that far. There are many modern and trendy sink styles available that can really add a spark of beauty to any bathroom.

6) Matching Floor Mats

Ensuring that your floor mats for the toilet, shower, and vanity match the overall feel of the room is important.

7) New Tiling

Bathroom floors don’t usually get much attention but getting a new floor installed can be just what a person needs to take their bathroom the next level.

8) Wallpaper

Round Lake Bathroom Remodeling

Believe it or not, the wallpaper in a bathroom can be vital to setting the mood of the room. It should fit with the other fixtures such as the shower/tub and vanity for maximum effect.

9) Lighting

The lighting in a bathroom also contributes to the overall look. Fancier lighting options can create a more beautiful look.

10) Mirrors

Traditional bathroom mirrors are boring. The good news is that there are many sleek and stylish modern alternatives.

Your Round Lake home deserves a beautiful bathroom. Call Duane Blanton Plumbing at (847) 855-0000 for a remodel you can be proud of!

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